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Premlanka Hotel
Dickwella Beach, Southern Sri Lanka

Events, Activities & Attractions:

Some events and activities happen at particular times of the year; others vary with weather conditions or other factors, so may vary from year to year. But there is always plenty of variety to suit many different interests. This page gives a rough guide to what guests can expect in an around Dickwella at different times of the year.

Note. During the "monsoon season" it very rarely rains all day, or everywhere.

Sri Lanka is said to have more public holidays than any other country: Sri Lankans celebrate the Buddhist festivals as well as many Christian, Hindu and Muslim festivals. On many of these festivals, there are colourful public displays and processions. Because many of these festivals are linked to lunar or solar phases, their exact dates change from year to year.

Available All the Year:

Dickwella Beach, about 400 paces from Premlanka Hotel:

Premlanka has some snorkelling equipment and body boards for hire. Surf boards are available for hire at Dickwella Village Hotel.

Dickwella Beach, reputed to be the safest beach in the south, does not have lifeguards. So, visitors should take sensible precautions and ensure that children are always supervised.

Fishing & snorkelling trips from Dickwella by boat:

Local fishermen have to use their boats for fishing at all times of the year. But, the sea is usually calmer from late November to March/April – take local advice.

Whale watching trips:

Scuba Diving Seasons:

This is also an approximate guide to the snorkelling season, although there are calm days throughout the year when, with care, it is possible to snorkel at Dickwella, Weligama etc.

Festival/Perahera Seasons:

All Temples celebrate Full Moon Days (Poya Days) throughout the year. The full moon day of each month marks the start of the new month. Each of these days has a distinct religious significance and is known by its traditional name. Devotees make offerings (pujas, pujahs) at the temples.

Morning & evening pujahs (pujas) at Kataragama always interesting. Guests can also hire and take part in Kavadi dancing to Kataragama's Hindu temple.

Special Peraheras: (religious processions when Holy relics are carried. These are spectacular & often decorated elephants interspersed with different traditional dance troupes, stilt walkers, bull whip crackers, fire dancers etc).

Temples often have special smaller peraheras at New Year, Sri Lanka New Year (14/4), Wesak (May Full Moon) & Poson (June Full Moon).

Village Festivals & Peraheras may be held at any special time of the year commemorating a village event or as a pledge to promote general well being. These have peraheras &/or theatrical performances illustrating events in life of Buddha.

To bring good luck for the fishing, Kudawella's dance groups process from one village Temple to another, with floats including one depicting Hell; followed by different groups of fishermen dressed in special sarongs & all their finery, dancing Kavadi (dances with bands). Each group of fishermen aims to outshine the others' sarongs, dancing, body paint etc.

Thorons, Pandals & Lanterns:

These happen during the Wesak & Poson season. They are great social occasions, so Sri Lankan families flock to them. Bigger displays often include a funfair. There are usually three or four, close enough to Premlanka for easy evening visits.

The pandals at thorons are huge structures with panels painted to depicting the life of The Buddha, illuminated by elaborate patterns of coloured lights. These impressive displays are a feature of this area and are little known elsewhere.

Buildings are decorated with lanterns. Groups of neighbours in a town or village often decide to compete, by making elaborate displays of lighted lanterns, often including complicated moving parts.

Dickwella is a coastal market town, between Matara and Tangalle; Sometimes spelt Dikwella or Dikwalle; Also called Dikwella South.

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