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Premlanka Hotel
Dickwella Beach, Southern Sri Lanka

Information about Premlanka Hotel & Sri Lanka

Indoor Waterfall, Premlanka Hotel
Indoor Waterfall, Premlanka Hotel.

Premlanka is a friendly family run small hotel with modern amenities, newly opened in 2009, with five en suite double bedrooms with balconies, set peacefully amongst coconut palms, about 400 paces from a nice, sandy beach. Close to Dickwella town, but shielded from the bustle of the main Colombo–Hambantota coast road.

Ideal for swimming or scuba diving; visits to temples and local events; excursions; ...or simply relaxing.

With our extensive local knowledge, we can help you to plan your perfect itinerary... or simply relax and unwind in our peaceful tropical hotel gardens, to the sounds of tropical birds and the ocean.

Dickwella is a coastal market & fishing town, between Matara and Tangalle; Sometimes spelt Dikwella or Dikwalle; Also called Dikwella South.

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1. Answers to Frequently Asked Questions:

We have prepared answers to some frequently asked questions about Premlanka Hotel and Sri Lanka.

2. The Janashakthi Self-Help Development movement.

Video interviews with Mrs. Prem, founder of Premlanka Hotel and a founder of the Janashakthi Banking Society: A successful self-help development organisation based on micro-credit and mutual aid amongst its women members.

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Friendly & relaxing comfort at Premlanka Hotel, Dickwella Beach, Dikwella, Matara, Southern Sri Lanka.
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